Ethereum leads gains as largest cryptocurrencies start mixed

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The largest cryptocurrencies were mixed during morning trading on Friday, with Bitcoin Cash BCHUSD seeing the biggest move, declining 3.38% to $371.60.

Ethereum ETHUSD lead the increases with a 1.56% climb to $3,351.57.

Five other currencies posted drops Friday. Dogecoin DOGEUSD declined 1.36% to 14 cents, and Cardano ADAUSD dropped 1.31% to $1.14.

Litecoin LTCUSD declined 1.18% to $123.40, and Polkadot DOTUSD sank 21.28% to $21.28.

Bitcoin BTCUSD recorded the smallest decline, dropping 0.67% to $45,451.59.

In addition to Ethereum, two other cryptocurrencies saw increases. Uniswap UNIUSD rose 0.78% to $11.40, and Ripple XRPUSD rose 0.13% to 82 cents.

In crypto-related company news, shares of Coinbase Global Inc. COIN dropped 1.02% to $187.93, while MicroStrategy Inc. MSTR sank 0.30% to $484.86. Riot Blockchain Inc. RIOT shares fell 1.32% to $20.89, and shares of Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. MARA rose 0.68% to $28.14. Inc. OSTK slipped 0.72% to $43.69, while Block Inc. SQ declined 1.43% to $133.66 and Tesla Inc. TSLA slipped 0.70% to $1,070.07.

PayPal Holdings Inc. PYPL climbed 1.76% to $117.68, and Ebang International Holdings Inc. Cl A EBON shares rallied 5.03% to $1.22. NVIDIA Corp. NVDA shed 1.87% to $267.76, and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. AMD shed 1.76% to $107.35.

In the fund space, blockchain-focused Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF BLOK sank 0.32% to $34.08. The Bitwise Crypto Industry Innovators ETF BITQ, which is focused on pure-play crypto companies, inched down 0.66% to $17.23. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust GBTC, which tracks the Bitcoin market price, climbed 0.52% to $30.70.

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