Over 1000 accounts entered the S10 Contest!

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 Over 1000 accounts entered the S10 Contest!

Contest registration is closed and over 1000 accounts have entered the contest! The total number of participating accounts increased to 1,076, with total account equity of $13,000,000. And more than 470,000 orders have been placed since the start of the contest.


The S10 Contest is in full swing and the top winners will share a prize pool of $4,100. Besides, the contest sponsor #KVBPRIMEVietnam# offers an extra prize of $4,500 for the KVB PRIME broker group winners. If you participate in the contest with a KVB PRIME account, you will get a chance to win the first prize of KVB PRIME Group, $3,400.


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 Over 1000 accounts entered the S10 Contest!



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