Share your score and get extra bonuses!

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Share your score and get extra bonuses!


More than 400 trading accounts have entered the Season 10 FOLLOWME Contest!


To celebrate the Contest, we will host a special event for Contest score sharing and airdrop an unlimited number of FCOIN (a virtual currency that is only circulated and usable on FOLLOWME) for all the event participants! And, if your participating account is a KVB PRIME’s account, you can get double prizes!


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All participants in the FOLLOWME Contest


How to Enter:

·Share your contest scores (MyScore) on FOLLOWME

·Don't forget to tag #MyScore# with your posts 

Share your score and get extra bonuses!



·5 FCOIN for your every post. More posts, more rewards.

·KVB PRIMEs account can earn 10 FCOIN for each post.

·Rewards will be distributed every Monday.


* Participants can get only one reward per day.


End Date:

22nd May 2022


Are you interested in #FOLLOWMEContest# with cash prizes and bonuses? Join our global competition with your MT4 accounts and compete to win the prizes!

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