KVB PRIME sponsors Followme's Forex Trading Contest

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KVB PRIME sponsors Followme's Forex Trading Contest

KVB PRIME is honored to be a diamond sponsor for Followme’s Forex Trading Contest. We believe that the Forex Trading Contest will be a worthy playground for enterprising traders to show off their talents and shine in the field of Forex trading, challenging the bravery of champions.

In order for customers to have the opportunity to experience and enjoy our advanced trading environment, KVB PRIME offers valuable rewards up to 3000 USD exclusively for customers participating in the contest with KVB PRIME's account!

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Event period: April 1, 2022 - July 1, 2022

Participants: All customers of KVB PRIME

How to join: Join with KVB PRIME account


First Prize: 3000 USD

Second prize: 1000 USD

Third Prize: 500 USD

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Learn more about the contest terms & conditions here

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