Posting EVERY DAY – Getting REWARDS Up To 500 FCOIN

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You are a trader with many years of experience, you want to share your trading experience to support newbies but you are new to FOLLOWME? You need attention but no one knows you?


Or are you new to this potential financial market and looking for a leader? You want to have more choices, you want to find safe and reliable Traders but you don't know how?


All the answers above will be found in #OPINIONLEADER#


Posting EVERY DAY – Getting REWARDS Up To 500 FCOIN


Opinion Leader Program is currently the most prominent campaign in recent times with 2,500 participations, more than 13,000 views and more than 15,600 likes and comments. With the participation of FOLLOWME users around the world, you will find the answers you want here.


Joining #OPINIONLEADER# you can both receive up to 500 FCOIN ($50), and increase your FOLLOWME coverage. If you are new, you can also easily find experienced Signals in this program.

With a very simple rule including TWO STEPS:

  • Step 1: Post or post a market analysis video every day using the Notes function
  • Step 2: Add topic #OPINIONLEADER# and wait for the results


Click to see Rules and How To Post Article


In addition, you can also increase the prize of $50 many times when POSTING EVERY DAY.

What are you waiting for without participating to have a chance to receive prizes like the following Winners of the 24/01/2022 – 02/28/2022 period:









Congratulations to all the winners!


NEWLY UPDATE → From March 2022, all the rewards of OPINION LEADER Program depends on your content (as long as your content meet our requirements) and No limit for the number of rewarded Users. The rewards are from 100 FCOIN to 500 FCOIN. The DAILY REWARDS is still the same!



Don't worry if your posts are good enough or interactive enough to get rewarded! As long as you join this program, post every day and tag #OPINIONLEADER#, you will receive a reward of 10 FCOIN per day. Please check your FCOIN number next week.


They shared their experience, technical analysis, and got rewarded. How about you?

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I still not receive reward 200 Fcoin. When I will receive it? @FOLLOWME Support
Thank you so much!! 😍😍😍