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FOLLOWME Interview丨yangsail

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@yangsail  is a full-time public servant, part-time investor. Investing has been one of his biggest hobbies since he was a teenager. He spend a lot of his free time to study different markets including real estate, mutual funds, Forex etc.


1. What kind of traders are you?

I would say I’m a 30% fundamental+70% technical analysis trader.


2. What do you think is the most important technology tool? Why?

I use a lot of indicators to analyze short term market. But the most important tool for me is the economic calendar. I also invest in real estate. It’s a simple logic that when the prime interest rate goes high, the market turns to buyer’s market, vice versa. Same logic for margin trading, when FED start QE, you know the future commodities and US stock will go high, it’s not wise to sell in a bull market. This is the fundamental analysis which decides the long term market trend.


3. Are you a systematic trader?

Yes. My current system has been tested and developed since 2012. It's designed for large capitals. So the risk management is always prior to the profit.


4. What do you think is the most important thing to make a long-term profit steadily?


Trade as if you only use 1:30 leverage.


5. Do you do the trading full-timely?

No. I have a very stable full time job. Ever since my system went live, I don’t need to spend too much time on watching the charts.


6. Will you research various kinds of trading cycles’ analysis?

Yes. From Monthly chart to M15 chart, correspondingly from long term to short term.


7. When we are choosing the symbols, some will choose the bigger wave range one, some will choose the smaller one, what about you?

I used to trade more than 20 pairs. Then I realize some pairs like gold are too volatile. Even all the major currency pairs are too volatile for me. Now I only trade 7 least volatility pairs. Although the profit rate goes lower, I feel safer and don’t need worry about a big drawdown anymore.


8. How do you test your trading idea?

Normally I have 4 stages to test every new strategy:

1, Pass the history backtest,

2, Test on demo account for at least 6 months.

3, Test on real cent account for 1 year at least.

4, Go-live on real account.

I burned out too many accounts because of rushing to use new strategies on real account. Now I learned the lesson and am very cautious to test any new strategy on real account before the first three stages mentioned above.


9. What do you think should be cared about as the transition from DEMO Account to Live Account?

Risk management. It’s totally different mindset between trading on demo account and real account. Also demo account has lower latency and less slippery that real account can never have.


10. Do you usually visit the community? What data or content will you be interested in?

Yes. I like to read the recommendation posts that keep me posted in this market.


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It looks great!
why don't you consider becoming a full-time trader?Even though it might cost you more time,your trade system will more prefect
I think my system is perfect enough to free me out from watching the market all the time
Look forward to future performance.
thx for sharing~