GOLD-Remind that Previous FRACTALS and BAR Patterns

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GOLD-Remind that Previous FRACTALS and BAR Patterns

Market Commentary:

1. This looks like the previous bar pattern and could be a trap for the retailers in LONG (I may be wrong too).

2. I am looking for 1375 zone only and in the shorter TF my triangle pattern got invalid but in the bigger picture it remains the same.

3. This is a weekly TF so it will took more time to reach that 1375 zone and dont BIAS on this.

4. I explained here the pattern and the FRACTALS in the market repeat same and this is a REMINDER for the RETAIL traders in LONG.

DISCLAIMER : All labelling and wave counts done by me by manually and i will keep change according to the LIVE MARKET PRICE ACTION. So don't bias, hope on my trade plans...try to learn and make your own strategy...Following is not that much easy...I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSSES IF U TOOK THE TRADE ACCORDING TO MY TRADE PLANS....THANKS LOT..CHEERS

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