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FOLLOWME Interview丨Lahuti

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@Lahuti is a forex trader with three years of experience. He is also a very active user in the FOLLOWME community when participating in many programs such as #OPINIONLEADER##S9ContestReview# …

Also, he participated in the S9 imTrader Trading Contest and was in the Top 3 of the Random Group several times. We are delighted that he participated in this interview and shared his experience with you in the FOLLOWME community.


1. Hi, can you introduce yourself and how did you come to know forex trading and get started?

I am a Multidisciplinary Investor, following the ideal of Warren Buffett with the rule of "Do not put all eggs in one basket". I got to know Forex more than 3 years ago, with my first teacher specializing in trading the US30 index.


2. How is your trading method formed? Are you inquiring in practice gradually, drawing your own or learning from others?

I like to learn from the experts of Forex industry and from there draw my own great tips. My point of view is that anyone I have a chance to meet has something good for me to learn.


3. According to your experience, which trading strategy and principle is the most effective?

I observe the D1 & W1 candles to determine the trend, then use the MACD indicator combined with the H1 candle to enter the order. When taking profit, the order will be closed in parts.


4. What is your biggest disappointment in trading?

I still clearly remember it was a Friday night when there was news of Non-Farm, I was trading Gold (XAU/USD) when I had to go out to buy things. Exactly 30 minutes after returning, the account of more than 1000$ was completely burned. The reason was that I entered an order with a volume that was too high for my account balance.


5. What goals have motivated you to trade in the forex market up to now?

Forex is the largest financial market in the world with a volume of trillions of dollars per day. “If you want to make money, you have to go where there is a lot of money.”


6. In your opinion, which would be more suitable for a new investor to enter the market? Short term trading, swing trading or medium and long term trading?

Learn from the forerunners, starting with short-term and small-volume trades.


7. What do you think needs the most attention when a new trader converts from a demo account to a real account?

Enter an order with a small volume, always have to set Take Profit and Stop Loss as soon as you enter the order.


8. When did you get your first profitable pot of gold on the trading market? Do you get it for strategy or luck?

More than 3 years ago. The method specializes in trading the US30 index according to the M5 candlestick.


9. How often do you visit the FOLLOWME community? What data or content would you be most interested in on FOLLOWME?

Yes. I am interested in the programs "Opinion Leader", "Trading Contest".


10. As far as I know, you have entered the S9 imTrader Trading Contest. What do you think the entrants will need to be successful in this contest?

Maintain steady profits. The account grows gradually over time. Limit Max Draw Down to a minimum.




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