15OCT - Watch this before you trade. News in focus, US Retail Sales. Trade Ideas on CAD and JPY!

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15OCT - Watch this before you trade. News in focus, US Retail Sales. Trade Ideas on CAD and JPY!

Its Friday today! News to focus on? The US Retail Sales. Some possible trade ideas spotted on the USDCAD. And Gim Hong share his 100 pips profit trade!

01:40 - DXY

06:00 - Gim Hong's 100 pips profit trade!

17:50 - Trade ideas on CAD and JPY!

Trade ideas from today's currency call:

USDCAD sell trade idea: DXY weakness (short term view) into next week remaining below 94.00.

Entry: 1.42349

SL: 30 pips

TP: 70 pips

USDJPY buy trade idea: wait for a break over 114.00 resistance level.

Entry: 114.10

SL: 40 pips

TP: 120 pips

EURJPY buy trade idea: optional 60 pip stop loss for those traders with some more patience still offering a 1:2 risk to reward ratio.

Entry: 132.23

SL: 40 pips

TP: 120 pips

GBPJPY buy trade idea: firstly needs to clear the 156.00 resistance level before taking a trade.

Entry: 156.10

SL: 60 pips

TP: 120 pips

Crypto trade ideas: 

BTCUSD buy trade idea: dependent on the DXY pushing lower in today's US session. 

Entry: 60k 

SL: 59k 

TP: 63k 

ETHUSD buy trade idea: waiting to see how price action behaves when it gets to 4k and waiting to see if a pull back or breakout takes place, the plan below is based on a pull back to 3.5k.

Entry: 3.6K

SL: 3k

TP: 4.2k

Important please read:

A disclaimer; Any information shared during this session is not intended to be a trade recommendation, it is solely the opinion and views of the speaker. So, please remember to do your own analysis prior to entering any trades.

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