Weekly Refresher(VIII):不忘初心 方得始終

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 #USD/JPY#  #mytradingstory# Have got very lucky bets in this week for 2 very heavy ones: GBPJPY & USDJPY shorts, it’s apparently counter trend & extremely high risk trades, expecting a broad USD correction so quitted pound yen positions in time and established dollar yen instead, miscellaneous reasons:

1. Suspected top in H2-4 time frame;

2. Important daily resistance level

3. Very tight stop loss level 

4. Very high reward/risk ratio 

I strongly recommend you that never try any bets just based on their price level, you must do it together with at least two rational factors/reasons in different dimensions to support your actions and try to improve your success rate.

USDJPY trades are based on daily chart, so I  will expect a very large move & enormous profit potential, I will hold them for some time despite the high swap costs.

Maybe it’s just a correction wave so I will also consider squeezing all USD short positions @93.60s.

Weekly Refresher(VIII):不忘初心 方得始終
  Have got very lucky bets in this week for to heavy bets : GBPJPY & USDJPY shorts, it’s apparently two counter trend trades, why I took

Weekly Refresher(VIII): Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.

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Maybe it’s just a correction wave so I will also consider squeezing all USD short positions @93.60s.