The 9th Trading Competition, FOLLOWME Trading Community, a Social Trading Platform

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imTrader Trading Contest is a trading event for global traders and it is held two seasons a year. FOLLOWME hopes to held a stage for traders to share their trading capacity and find out some outstanding traders.

In the trading competition, traders can use their own different trading techniques and strategies. FOLLOWME will calculate the score with a multi-dimension system and each traders’ achievement and performance can be seen. According to the rules, traders can sign up for the competition anytime.

Over the past 8 seasons, 14,889 participating accounts have accounted for cumulative equity of 102,351,239 USD, 64 winners have been generated and a total of 116,837 USD has been awarded accumulatively.


In September 2021, imTrader Trading Contest started officially and it will attract excellent traders all over the world. They are going to display more skills to increase their reputation and attract hundreds of thousands of traders’ attention and recognition through the competition. What are you still waiting for? We are inviting you to the top trading competition faithfully. Challenge champion reward, get it now! Let’s compete with the superior traders from more than hundreds of countries and regions!


The 9th Trading Competition, FOLLOWME Trading Community, a Social Trading Platform

Advantage of Contest:

  1. Support for all MT4 Trading Account

imTrader Trading Contest supports 3,500+ brokers of MT4 Live Trading Account all around the world. You can connect your trading account within few seconds in the contest without any requirements.

Not only participate in the competition but also experience the most popular trading community — FOLLOWME Trading Contest.

    2. Professional competition rules

FOLLOWME will calculate the score with a multi-dimension system and each traders’ achievement and performance can be seen. The comprehensive evaluation of participating accounts is mainly carried out from the dimensions of Account Equity, Max DD, Profit Ratio, Net Profit and so on. Meanwhile, the method of the adjusted return is also added. These indicators have been verified for several seasons and will allow real trading masters to stand out through the competition.

    3. Share the strategy and communicate in the community

imTrader Trading Contest brings together excellent traders all over the world, and the inter-connection of the competition and FOLLOWME trading community makes trading more colourful. Also, it’s easy to make new friends. You can contact and communicate with them and check their trading strategy after subscription.

    4. Check the real-time event news

imTrader Trading Contest is not only a platform for compete and share strategy but also for traders to communicate. The competition will adopt a variety of communication forms and channels. It will share the all-around interactive news with Score Ranking Sharing, Score Sharing, List Publicity, Interview Exchange, Live Sharing,Contest Review and so on. It will let traders feel colourful of the competition in body and mind.

     5. Experience the brand new trading community

FOLLOWME provide an open platform for the trading community. Traders and investors from all over the world can release the trading strategy and sharing their experience and thinking real-timely. Their live account has been connected with FOLLOWME, which support the connection of more than 3,000 brokers globally.

As a subscriber, you can strengthen your advantage with the help of released information. According to your preference of trading, set to track specific traders with higher rankings. Also, use COPYTRADE to copy their trading automatically is available. Every activity of a specific trader has been recorded and published systematically, and users can easily access and understand their history and performance.


In the trading competition, you can share your trading strategy and let more people know you.

In the trading competition, you can verify your trading strategy and gain glory trading.

In the trading competition, you can make a communicate about your trading skills and make more friends.


imTrader Trading Contest (S9) began on 27 September 2021, and we waiting for your entering! You are the next expectant trading star of the FOLLOWME Trading Community!

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