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In my few years of trading, I have enjoyed taking trades on the go, and getting the adrenaline rush and profits that comes with it

I have also enjoyed taking no trade or 2-3 trades in a week max

In both, if I were to be sincere to myself, nothing can replace the peace of mind that comes with trading less and making money.

All the huge swings that happen during the day does not bother you... To make matters funnier, your SL getting hit does not bother you too.

The reason why is: 

You are properly executing a good MM, and you are mentally stable to play the long game which is what trading is all about.

Yes... some may argue that scalping or high frequency trading is good because you make more money, or you make money daily, or you become a better trader due to the frequency with which you engage the market.

Do you care to know how I see it?

I see high frequency trading as a hunter who constantly goes into the forest to hunt animals. 

Yes he could hunt down a decent number of animals weekly which he could sell and make extra income for himself and his family, but it does not change the fact that someday he is also at risk of being hunted down by an animal.

This is not to say one style of trading is better than the other...

All I am simply saying is:

You really have to understand yourself and know what's best for you

Do you want to be that hunter that engages the wild forest physically with his skills or

Do you want to engage the forest using your expertise as a hunter who sets great traps?

Only YOU can decide this

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I really appreciate you for taking your time sharing your knowledge. Thank you
@Cotton you are welcome