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In the “imTrader” trading contest season 7, @EA人工风控  relied on the Martin strategy to steadily expand its profitability and finally won the heavy-weight group championship with a comprehensive score of 88.24 points. In season 8, @EA人工风控  continued his legend, from the start to the end, he is topping the rank, relying on a very stable operation style to strict risk control, he maintains profit and wins the heavy-weight group championship again with a comprehensive score of 84.23 points, from which he gains 85,000 RMB as a competition reward.

Looking back at his trading many people think that he just got good luck in the market to win the championship. But when the good market actually comes, how many people can grasp the opportunity, believe in themselves, and go all out to fight? @EA人工风控 is the one who has the courage and strength. As a full-time trader with 14 years of trading experience, it is professional to take trading as number counting instead of money. He said, however, that although it is easy to say it, passion is missing, and only competition can make him feel passionate and excited about trading. Perhaps enjoying the game and life is the fundamental incentive to support him to keep trading. The following is an interview between FOLLOWME and @EA人工风控 .

Let's get to know the champion's trading experience and trading ideas now!


FOLLOWME: Are you trading part-time or full-time? At that time, what led you to enter the foreign exchange market?

EA人工风控: I am a full-time trader. I came into contact with foreign exchange relatively early, that was in 2006 when a friend introduces it to me.


FOLLOWME: According to what you said, it has been 14 years since you started foreign exchange trading in 2006. During these 14 years, what changes have you made in your trading methods and understanding of the market?

EA人工风控: In the previous 8 years, I was playing it like a game. I watched the news, tuition videos, and read reviews. And I found that I was always losing money. In 2017, I began to learn professional knowledge, review, read books, and review again. The trading structure was slowly taking shape, and market judging accuracy has increased. Then I made some money, but my mentality changed alongside, so it only took one order to lose the money I made through 100 orders.

When I came into contact with quantitative trading at the end of 2017, I didn’t know how to write a program, so I cooperated with a friend, and slowly build a team. Later, I found that quantitative trading is not the answer to everything. There will always be some market moves that result in losing in quantitative trading. I understand the market conditions, so I can work with EA strategy, developing the current team operation.


FOLLOWME: In the past 14 years of trading, what do you think has changed in the investor structure of the global exchange market? Do you find it more and more difficult to make money?

EA人工风控: I don't think that it is getting harder and harder to make money. On the contrary, I feel that making money is relatively simple now. Because for us now, we have our own server, computer room, manual team, and technical team. Our daily work is to look at the market, and then have a discussion about the market, which is relatively easy.

However, the quantitative trading system has its limitations. When market conditions getting out of our expectations, we will promptly control them. When there is no risk, we let run normally.

I was very tired when I was trading, so I understand traders very much. In my opinion, many traders, including the traders in my team now, have relatively low incomes and even have a very difficult life. There is no way to do this. Trading is very hard and tiring.


FOLLOWME: On November 27, 2020, you shorted 120 lots of gold and successfully made a profit of nearly 100,000 US dollars. Many users think that this act is quite bold. Why did you dare to place such a heavy position at that time?

EA人工风控: I can easily recall it because I remember it clearly. There are two main reasons for such a heavy position. One is because of the competition, which is the core factor. Normally, I would not place such a heavy position. But at that time, our team was very eager to win first place in the competition. It was late November by then, and the competition was already halfway through. If we didn't fight harder, it would be impossible to win the championship. The second reason was that we saw the key support level, it will undoubtedly break, and a large wave can be done after breaking the support level, that’s why I placed a heavy position.

FOLLOWME: You said that there are many people who misunderstand risk control. How do you understand risk and risk control?

EA人工风控: The simplest, most effective, and arguably the only way to control risk is to control positions. I remember the latest risk I encountered was a wave of market conditions in #AUD/NZD# in August and September last year. The account loss reached 20%. Then I stopped the EA system in time and used some other means to reduce the 20% loss. In fact, everyone knows that if you lose 50%, you have to reach 100%. If you want to make it back, and you have to double it, but you lose 20%, it would be easier to win back what you lose.


FOLLOWME: What do you think of the huge profits in the foreign exchange market and those who can make huge profits in the foreign exchange market? What do you think of the huge profits in the foreign exchange market and the trader?

EA人工风控: I have seen a lot of violent trading in this market. A friend of mine made hundreds of dollars directly to hundreds of thousands of dollars in a week. However, this trader is still unhappy about it. For example, this year’s market is very volatile. If you can’t make any money this year, it is even less likely to make any in normal times, so you have to change to another trading model or system

Take us as an example, our account profit last year was basically doubled or even tripled, and in my opinion, this kind of profit is already a huge profit, because I manage large capital, and what large capital requires is to consider profit on the basis of risk control. A 10%-15% profit has been quite successful in this market.


FOLLOWME: From the runner-up in the S5 season to the championship in the S7 and S8 seasons, did you gain anything from the competition?

EA人工风控: I will continue to participate in trading competitions. Trading is now a job for me, and there is no passion in it. Only by participating in such competitions can I feel passion and excitement. On the other hand, I also hope to meet good trading structures and traders, learn from them, and pass the knowledge to my team members and use this to optimize our quantitative trading. Of course, I have also won many awards on other platforms. The awards are proof of trading skills!


FOLLOWME: After the U.S. election ends, where do you think the investment opportunities in the market lie?

EA人工风控: I think the core reason for the US release of liquidity is due to the US debt crisis. After the last financial crisis, the United States released liquidity and recovered slowly, which led to a huge debt crisis, and the debt has been rising on and on, so I think the recovery speed in this financial crisis will be faster than the previous one.

The United States will have a rapid economic recovery after the city is closed, and after that, interest rates will be raised. If the interest rate is raised too fast, it will lead to global assets The price has a rapid contraction process, then the market will become more volatile.


FOLLOWME: For now, what do you think is your bottleneck in the foreign exchange market? Where is your plan for future development?

EA人工风控: In fact, our team’s foreign exchange trading have met a few obstacles, because it’s difficult for us to expand our capital. In the future, we will try it out in the stock market and futures.

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