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If you want to start trading, start small I know it's tricky but the money will always be there, you are not going to gain it all in one day non lose it all in one day, so in my opinion on what I think your trading would be like if you work on patience, longer time frames, a real account not a demon but go small with a simple mindset of what's going to happen next and what has happened before so you can be able to understand what you are doing, and understand the sentiment of what other traders are doing in the market. Most especially to know that the graphs on the MetaTrader platform are also supper important to spot end zones resistance and support areas and the advantage of working with longer time frames give you the opportunity to see the price actions ahead of what going to happen.. #TradeSafe#  #OPINIONLEADER#  #BeginnerTalk#  #Insights#  #insightsboard#  #forexdiscipline#  #BTC/USD#  #trading#  #FX# 


Heads-Up of the week:

Secondly it's just a fight between two groups of mass numbers of people doing the money calls.

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