20210613 GBPNZD

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#OPINIONLEADER# With the start of the trading week 2021/06/14 the #GBP/NZD# has a very good setup. This pair also has legs and it is a trade I will follow for the next days or perhaps week. Price has closed above 1.9721 and will run UP. I will look for a profit of 150 #Pip# with a stop loss of 150 Pip. Once the price has moved up and 150 pip in profit, I will move stop loss to secure 20 Pips then once profit has moved up to 220/250 pips I would secure 150 pips with my stop loss and follow the trade. I do think over the next 2 weeks the price could move up with 300 (perhaps 500 pips over the next two and a half weeks) or more pips. 200 or more pips per week is not uncommon for this pair. Enjoy!! #trading# #profit# #GBP# #strategysubscription# #strategy# #ForexForecast# #ForexTradingStrategies#

20210613 GBPNZD

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It's Friday, trade ran 200 pips or so. Now the decision to close the trade, move stop loss to secure a 100 pips or just leave it. I love these kind of "problems" :-)