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Big Bull-Big Stake in companies-Real value-Perfect time-After Sudden Crash of Stock Market-Position-long years


Becoming a bull takes a lot time , and to be big bull much time. What happened in olden days , there were not much technologies and software were mostly negligible. Merely investor and traders rely only on brokers to receive advise on investment. The view of investor was only professional who represented company. But yes humans does make errors , sometimes in investment too. If it was not like that then there may not been any crash any where around the world. We have witness many crashers of stock markets like the first crash of Tulip Manila Bubble in 1637 , then wall street crash 1929, Black Monday 1987 , Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange Crash June 1989 etc. But the good thing is even after such crashes economy stand and become stable in course of time. But it is said every coin has two sides , so if in crash many looses money , there are few who makes huge money while shorting, knowing exactly when to and how to enter exit the trades.

Smart investors play a vital role. They follow up some strategies which suits their investing style , irrelevant the advise of any brokers. Now when there is a crash which wipes out a lot of money , there enters people who wanna be Big Bull , because there an opportunity. Those shares whose prices were much high , due to crash , it comes to bottom of market , one can say at correction levels. But fundamental strong companies who has a vast future and possibility of survival for a long long times are opportunities. Lets make it more clear with an example say Company A is priced at $250 , in crashing market most companies goes to bottom , company A could be down to $110 or below it. Crashing markets wipes out all gains of years in just a day breaking the lower circuits too. And its continuations with next few days. So smart investors will work on all ways like companies life expectancy , growth , future expansion , and others data with companies main product keeping in mind. Products like Vehicles , Petroleum , Industrial manufacturing , Arms and equipment's , Pharma etc. So staying in such companies for long years ultimately gives more profits and much dividends as extra bonus. But there is one thing , the person who has avoided crash or who have shorted the crash has only chance to be next Big bull. Because it needs lots of money to be invested , so that compound gain of years makes net worth larger then dreams. There are few people who have done it and made history. The price of company A could be anywhere to $2000 to $5000 depends. Giving huge amount of returns if number of share held are from thousands to lakhs or millions. One cannot discount this crucial fact. was at $38 in 2005 , now today it is at $3370.65 , almost $3000 profit appreciation till now. Imagine person who have invested for long term heavily in this stock would be standing at present position. Its not luck , but calculated prediction of future price seeing the real value of the company.

In India , where i see govt banks like SBI which stock price was at INR 20 in year 2000 and now today its at INR 342.55 , people who have seen this opportunities would also be standing stood in this script too. The journey starts when you are aware and awake knowing the right time to enter and exit.

Misconception about technical and fundamental analysis . Most of analyst feels this both analysis types are totally different saying technical are for short time frame while fundamentals are for long term investments. But technical are keys to know the possibility of crash and shorting. My personal view is to define or prevent losses , technical analysis is best , while fundamentals can be continued by avoiding crashes , making money safe and reinvest at bottom resulting higher amount of share purchase and increasing stake in company.

SIMPLE EXPLANATION:- Taking huge position in good company which compound its share price to 500% to 5000% in years making returns in billions or trillions. Makes one big bull who rule the market by investing the profit to compound the same for long bull run.

People who are not born with silver spoon needs to be a Bear to grab the opportunity of shorting in crashing market.

Who am I- I am a person who has very deep knowledge about the markets and its movement. I never take advice from any broker for trading. Believe in self assessment and calculations which keeps me more favorable to myself. Can i be wrong? Yes why not. I can be wrong , but question is i take SLs to keep me safe from wrong decisions.

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