GBPNZD (Bullish)

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#OPINIONLEADER# On the GBPNZD we have two possibilities. I like the #GBP/NZD# as it has very nice moves or legs as I call it, larger than #GBP/USD# definitely than the #EUR/USD# It is still over an hour and 25 minutes before the 4H closes but we are looking for price to break the 1.9696 level (from my broker). The green arrow shows that we could have a break with the next candle. Alternatively (the option most likely), the blue arrow show that price might hang around in the triangle squeeze & then break out, could even happen as late as tomorrow morning when the European session open. Definitely a trade I would like to take and expect a PIP range of about 50 #Pip# Can always close some of the position or set a trailing stop. If you would like me to show you how to trade like me, drop me a DM. Thank you for reading.

GBPNZD (Bullish)

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I did not take the position was waiting for the break of the high
Your analysis is accurate, how can I subscribe your signal?
Nice try
Did you went long yesterday? Are you still holding positions?
Where do you put your long stop loss?