How did he profit $100,000 in two days?

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2021/05/10 - 2021/05/16 Total Trading Volume


(Up by 93,170 or 16.23% w-o-w)

US30 stepped out of the magnificent bull market from April 2020 to this Monday. With an increase of about 87%, the bulls make a lot of money. But whenever prices soar, there are always ambitious and bold people who dare to go short. Just like the champion of this week’s profit list@zsjomk , shorted 30 lots when US30 rose to 35013 on Monday, and in the process of US30's pullback to 33581, he continued to add positions with floating profits of 20, 10, and 5 lots. Finally, he closed his position in two days with a profit of 101,000 US dollars and ranking at the top of this week’s profit list.

How did he profit $100,000 in two days?

What is it like to achieve a profit of more than 10,000 US dollars through subscriptions in a single week? @7371686 @5741785 @slf12345 will be happy to tell you the answer!

How did he profit $100,000 in two days?

Since last week he helped subscribers achieve a profit of 37,000 US dollars, then this week he continued to help subscribers earn 136,000 US dollars. Total 209 account subscriptions, manual trader @交易员 张总 with a subscription of $1.45 million, continue ranking the top of the signal list; Compared to the top of the list, the second-placed @逍遥子由 is not inferior at all, as he helped subscribers achieve a profit of 83,000 US dollars last week.

How did he profit $100,000 in two days?

The list for the second week of May is freshly released. Are there any traders you admire?

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