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Hello, Traders!

Today I will share a little bit of experience when deciding to choose a Broker to accompany in my Trading career.#OPINIONLEADER#


Perhaps everyone will be very confused when they first join the potential Forex market, but there are also many potential risks. Including the problem of choosing for yourself a Broker, also known as Forex to start trading.

In the past, I often learned about brokers in the Forex market, what elements for long-term reputable brokers should be for traders to trust, and brokers who have just been established in the last 5 years plus with a non-standard operating license from FCA or ASIC, I scroll through it quickly.

After many testing with brokers such as IC Market, Exness, Liteforex, FBS, GKFX, Hotforex, Go Market, Eightcap, Axitrader, FXPrimus, KVBPRIME ... it seems that any famous exchanges or advertising I try Trade 1 small account on it. Among the brokers mentioned above, there are many reputable brokers and there are many factors that suit my choice, so I have considered many new factors to choose a standard broker to build my system. me.

And KVBPRIME is where I choose to send my beliefs. So why did I choose KVBPRIME?

  • 1. Regarding the license: KVBPRIME has a standard license from FCA of the UK, has the most prestigious FSCS insurance for investors. (I do a lot of research on this matter, really no longer have any qualms)

  • 2. KVBPRIME floor is an STP order (unlike many brokers, which are very dangerous)

  • 3. Spread - commission fee: KVBPRIME is very good in that there are 12 links corresponding to 12 choices of spread and registration commission for traders. Very suitable for many types of customers and partners.

  • 4. Slippage: KVBPRIME is very little spread, although this situation still occurs like many other brokers when news or ends working hours on weekends. However, the price slippage is not significant.

  • 5. Deposit - Withdrawal: I feel completely secure when depositing a large amount of money into KVBPRIME system, very fast and simple operation as well as withdrawing money.

  • 6. Create a new account: very quick and simple for traders. Along with the very preferential Bonuses for customers. I have been able to participate in events that offer a 100% Bonus from KVBPRIME twice.

  • 7. Customer service: Currently, I know, the support team ofKVBPRIME is well trained, supports many different languages, and handles customer inquiries very reasonably and quickly. I appreciate the professionalism of this team.

  • 8. Trading products: Currently, KVBPRIME has many diverse options for our traders such as: Forex, stocks, cryptocurrency, international stock indices, commodities such as Gold, Oil ...

  • 9. Server speed: I think the speed when entering or exiting commands is quite good because the difference is very small so I may not see any problem until now.

  • 10. Support for partners: I am currently a partner of KVBPRIME at the Master level, with suitable requirements, KVBPRIME always supports me very well. I am satisfied with that.

  • With such factors, I feel that KVBPRIME fits well the criteria

I gave it up, and after nearly 1 year I built a client system on KVBPRIME, I feel very satisfied with my choice to continue to accompany KVBPRIME on my Trading career path. Thank you !!



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