Refinitiv and MarketsMojo pair up to expand global reach

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Refinitiv and MarketsMojo pair up to expand global reach

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LSEG business Refinitiv will provide comprehensive analytics, tools and data to India’s first algorithm-based Fintech research platform, MarketsMojo, as it works to help expand the company’s stock market advisory services and broaden its worldwide range. Derived from its home-grown IP, MarketsMojo currently offers its clients professional share market research, plus advice and portfolio tools to help them make worthwhile decisions relating to portfolios and stock selection.

India is one of the world’s rapidly expanding Fintech hubs, with more than 2000 Fintech start-ups appearing in the country in recent years. Such start-ups are primarily in digital currency, mobile payments and online lending. However, they also have expertise in niche areas such as regulatory compliance and robo-advising, which has begun to cause a stir in the financial services industry.

Gautam Verma, Head of South Asia, Data & Analytics at LSEG, said:

"With the disruption in stock markets due to technology, increased competition and higher customer expectations, the complexity of the global market advisory business keeps growing. Refinitiv is always looking to deliver more value to our clients, therefore we’re delighted to partner with MarketsMojo who are at the cusp of immense growth."

As a result of the new pairing, MarketsMojo can now implement a vast range of investment strategies using some of Refinitiv’s more advanced products. Such products include Knowledge Direct, an adaptable API designed to empower advisers with the data and tools required for enhanced productivity. This API helps to improve engagement between investors and advisers, as well as aiding co-operation by using visually intuitive and dynamic means to showcase market-moving, up-to-date, multi-asset financial data. The financial markets data and infrastructure provider will provide data with a more far-reaching geographical range to MarketsMojo. It will also ensure access to over eight million instruments for the equity market.

Mohit Batra, Founder & CEO at MarketsMojo, said:

"We are excited to engage Refinitiv as our strategic data partner and know they will add immense value to our business. In line with our mission to create a better tomorrow and be future-ready, our partnership with Refinitiv means our customers will have access to the latest data, tools and insights they need to succeed in today’s markets."

Last week, Refinitiv announced the launch of Order Splitting on its FX all trading platform, a workflow solution that provides greater flexibility and control over the staging and execution of FX trades.

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