Discovery Feed and Hot Topics

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Discovery Feed and Hot Topics



The feed displays three sections: Following, Recommended, and Trading Notes. From here you can see the latest posts of the people you are following, the hottest posts in the community, and the trading notes posted by other traders.

Discovery Feed and Hot Topics

Move your mouse to the upper right corner, click "…", you can manage the posts which show on your screen.

Discovery Feed and Hot Topics

1, Delete: You can delete posts you don't like or that makes you feel uncomfortable.

2, Add to Favorite: If you think one post is helpful or interesting, add it to your favorite list, it will show on your profile homepage.

3, Follow: If you don't want to miss someone's latest news, just follow him/her.

4, Report: To build a healthy and civilized community environment, once you discovered the below contents, report it immediately.

a, Use uncivilized and unhealthy language.

b. Publish information that violates current laws and regulations and endanger the safety and legal rights of users and FOLLOWME.

c. Publish spam information.

d. Randomly sending advertisements.

e, Indiscriminate publication of obscenity, pornography, violence, superstition, and crime, etc.

For more detail, please refer to :


Hot Topics

Want to know the hottest topic in FOLLOWME? Just move your attention to the right side of the homepage. The latest data release, the hottest topic in the market will show here.

Discovery Feed and Hot Topics

The latest and hottest discussions about the topic will display under this topic.

Leave your thoughts here, maybe other traders have the same idea as you.

Discovery Feed and Hot Topics

Don't want to miss any discussion about this topic? Just click "follow". Your following topic will show on the 5th tab on FOLLOWME APP.

Discovery Feed and Hot TopicsDiscovery Feed and Hot TopicsDiscovery Feed and Hot Topics

Currently, the computer does have this function.

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