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If you are looking to ace up your trading strategies or simply looking for the right copy trading signals, this is where you should keep your eyes every week, starting today!

Here, we highlight ONE fantastic trader every week based on their trading performance and ranking. If you have been here before, you know the drill and if you are not, then you are about to find out. So, let’s get going!

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @LuxesTrading

This week we will feature @LuxesTrading from Vietnam who joined us on Nov 20, 2020. He is the master of forex currency trading and has been showing some serious skilful performance in the four months he has been on the platform. 

You will particularly like this trader if you are looking for someone to copy trade from. He can earn you a low-risk profit of 40% per month on average with a minimum fund of $5000. He has the capacity to take large volumes of investment and turn them into good returns. And if you are keen to improve your trading skills, you can use his effective technique to learn the best signal or strategies of trading. 

LuxesTrading has one active account in FOLLOWME, #3 and today, we will base our analysis on this trading account. If you wish, you can also check out his profile here for more details.

This analysis as usual will focus on how the trader is performing, what he is investing in and how much profit he has generated so far. We will also have a look at how his subscription and amount of following have reacted to his efficiency in forex trading.

When we looked at his growth, we noticed that the trader has grown his profit with an increasingly upward curve making $22,116.47 Closed Profit in just four months. He has shown great ability to leverage the global economy and volatile situation in the industry to come out with an impressive 69.32% wins with overall 2,119 trades.

On average, LuxesTrading’s profit/loss (P/L) stands at $33.59/$41.90 respectively. Despite the relatively weaker ratio of P/L average, it remains a minor concern because the trader still has some floating trades yet to be closed. TRADER OF THE WEEK | @LuxesTrading

Upon analysing his growth, we also took a deeper look at LuxesTrading’s weekly trades. It seems he has a large amount of floating P/L right now. His average holding period is 1.2 days, which is longer than usual. This suggests he might be waiting for the right time to close some of those floating trades to sway the investment in his favour.

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @LuxesTrading

Now, let’s look at what the trader invests in to make a profit. It seems he has expertise in dealing with a wide variety of forex currency pairs. However, LuxesTrading’s dominant forex pair is EUR/USD. He has nicely balanced between a short and long position to mint an appreciative $11,308.56 profit from this pair. Other than that, he also put substantial money in AUD/NZD to gain good returns apart from the other 28 forex currency pairs he traded in.

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @LuxesTrading

After a month of trading in FOLLOWME, @LuxesTrading got his first subscriber on Dec 23, 2020. Over the few months in FOLLOWME, other traders have taken interest in his vast skill to manage such a wide array of forex, gaining his subscriptions to an outstanding 200 followers as of today.

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @LuxesTrading

Following his growing subscriptions in the past four months, we see that his amount of following has also grown rapidly to $472,700.27, which shows that his subscribers have solid confidence in his trading capabilities.

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @LuxesTrading

So, why do you think the confidence in this trader has increased so impressively in recent months? If you are one of @LuxesTrading’s subscribers, we want to hear from you.

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That’s all for this week’s trader of the week. Don’t forget to check out our Signal tab for a Signal provider that suits you best!

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