Updated Profile Homepage

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The new profile page comes together with the brand new account homepage, which is elaborated with "Chart" " Rank" "Subscribe" "Order", bring user experience to a higher level. Good things come in twins. A new profile page will definitely give you an amazing experience while checking out either your own profile or others.

Updated Profile Homepage

This is the main surface of the new profile page. There are three main updates on the page.

1. All

"All" aggregates the user's posts, notes, likes, comments, and favorites, which give you an understanding of the user's interests and preferences.

Updated Profile Homepage

Here it shows the content that He/She likes: 

Updated Profile Homepage


Here is where you can access followers. Simply click on it and you can view his/her/your followers and who he/she/you are following.

Updated Profile HomepageUpdated Profile HomepageUpdated Profile Homepage

3. Edit Profile

Users can also click "Edit Profile" in the upper right corner to change personal information.

Updated Profile HomepageUpdated Profile Homepage

The above are the updated features of the profile homepage, the rest remains unchanged. Hope you have a good experience with our new features. Any questions please contact us!

Edited 04 Mar 2021, 16:03

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