Talk of the Week: What Are This Week's Hottest Topics?

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Hey traders, we hope you had a great week! This week, these were some of the hot topics raised by FOLLOWME's users in line with the market sentiment, let’s see if you are on the same page:

 #USStimulusPackage# - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that President Biden’s stimulus plan could boost U.S. economic output by 5% over three years. However, it appears that not all the Republican senators agree with this and the plan is currently facing opposition from them. Do you think that the stimulus package would serve to provide relief now, but stand to impact the economy adversely later?

#ECB'sRateDecision# - During its recent policy meeting on 21 January 2021, the European Central Bank (ECB) kept interest rates unchanged. However, in a recent Bloomberg interview, ECB member, Klass Knot commented that policymakers are not ruling out the possibility of cutting deposit rates further below zero if it is necessary to maintain its inflation target in sight. What are your thoughts on this?

#InitialJoblessClaims# - The latest initial jobless claims came in at 847,000. This was lower than the expected 875,000. What do you think of the upcoming trend of initial jobless claims? Would it move upwards or downwards?

#GameStop# - GameStop’s shares are now worth 16 times as much now, as it was in April. The meteoric rise is now likened to the classic David versus Goliath tale, as retail investors took on to prove wrong the hedge funds and other professional money managers who have been shorting GameStop’s shares. What do you think of the GameStop saga?

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