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FOLLOWME Page has been released with both Web and App versions. The Page is designated for Here comes the details about the Page.



1. What information can I get from the Page?


The Page includes real-time quotations of broker's 7 major currency pairs, crude oil and gold, which is convenient for you to check transaction costs, and there is also a broker’s quotation details.

In the quotation details page, not only can you view the details of each symbol, you can also view the spread overview of different types of traders (average spread, maximum spread and minimum spread in different time periods), including their overnight interest, and market ( (Daily quotation frequency, disconnection times and average reconnection time). At present, brokers’ quotations are only for verified brokers. In the future, we will iteratively include the quotations of unverified brokers ( unverified in terms of FOLLOWME) to provide you with more information on transaction costs.


(Homepage of the Page)


(Quotation Details)


(Symbol Details)


(Spread and Overnight Interest)


(Quotes Overview)


2. Can I Create Page?


Yes absolutely. The entry is in the navigation "More". Currently, it supports broker page and other non-broker institution pages. In the future, we will open more types of customized pages based on actual needs. Of course, the creation needs to be reviewed and approved by us. Currently, only brokers and agency representatives are allowed to create on the Wed page. You can explore the difference between the broker page and other institutional pages.


(Create you Page)


(Select Page Type)


3. Page Review


For the broker's page, we divide into 2 types of user reviews:

FOLLOWME users who are currently connecting the broker's account is eligible to rate the Page

For users who do not have a current broker account, you can choose whether to recommend or not;

Users who have not connected a real account in FOLLOWME cannot comment.

In order to ensure the authenticity of the reviews, We hope you can make relatively objective reviews based on your actual use of the broker. These reviews will serve as a reference for other users.


(Comment on the Page)


4.Broker's Signal


Broker's signals currently only opens to certified brokers. Broker's Signals shows you the relatively high-performing accounts using the current brokers. You can follow them here or enter his personal homepage to learn their trading strategies.




5. Reputation column on the Page


For the reputation column, we collect various information about the broker from all channels.

At present, our information sources are constantly enriched. If community users have other information or channels they want to see, they can interact with us through comments. Your opinions and feedback will guide us in the subsequent improvement of the section.


(Reputation column)


6. Bio


We have enriched the introduction of the Page, which will be displayed on the right side. For details, you can click "More" to view it. If it is a broker's profile, it will contain its transaction information and related qualification information.




(More bio about the Page)




For the broker's page, we are committed to making information transparent and linking up scattered information so that you can view the relatively complete information of dealers in the community. We hope to help you have a reliable information reference when choosing a brokerage platform.


If you have any feedback about broker's page or institutional page, or any other suggestion, you can leave your comments below to help us improve. Your ideas are very important to us! Thank you!



Disclaimer: The content above represents only the views of the author or guest. It does not represent any views or positions of FOLLOWME and does not mean that FOLLOWME agrees with its statement or description, nor does it constitute any investment advice. For all actions taken by visitors based on information provided by the FOLLOWME community, the community does not assume any form of liability unless otherwise expressly promised in writing.

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