Where Did You Gold? - Analysis: Negative Patterns Affects Gold Price

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Where Did You Gold? - Analysis: Negative Patterns Affects Gold Price

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Yesterday, gold prices faced negative pressure to break the support line of the minor bullish channel that appears on the chart. This forms a bearish flag pattern that pushes the price to achieve more decline now, as the price begins today with additional bearish bias to attack $1838.10. Expect to see more decline in the coming sessions, targeting $1800 on the near-term basis. 

The 50-day exponential moving average (EMA50) supports the proposed bearish bias and will remain valid unless the price rallied to break the $1855.70 mark. 

Trading range for today is expected to be between $1815 support and $1855 resistance. 

Meanwhile, today’s trend is expected to be bearish.

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