FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - First week of January 2021

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2021/01/04 - 2021/01/08 Total Trading Volume


(Up by 300,684 or 39.1% w-o-w)

Everything looks new in the year of ‘Bull’ this 2021. Riding on this new start, here comes the first-week ranking of our trading community this month. For this week, the TOP 10 Traders have delivered a total profit of $290,000. 

Out of these star traders, the best-performer, @物极必反 is an expert when it comes to swing trading and long position. He closed an extra 10 lots of gold spot from November in the latest week, and successfully earned $83,000. 

Here are the rest of the details of the ranking:

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - First week of January 2021

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - First week of January 2021

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - First week of January 2021

@金融大道的货币商人 #2 has a total amount of following of $900,000 to date. Combining both Martin's strategy and a manual risk-control method, this trader tends to trade mostly in euro, gold, and sterling pound. 

He made a deposit of $25,000 back in July this year and score a net profit of $54,000 in just six-month time! This makes his annual return rate an impressive 216%. However, due to the recent rise in the euro, the market reversed was rather fast-paced, and this could be the reason for his slight stumble. Fortunately, the stop-loss strategy set in place managed to play its role timely.

@rainmain #15 has a total amount of following of $4,160,000. This Signal Provider traded using the hedging EA method, he deposited $8,000 in June this year and has recorded a half-year total profit of $20,000, resulting in a return rate of 250% and a winning rate of 72.06%. Interestingly, this signal has a profit-loss ratio of 1:1.

Another commendable fact is this is the seventh time that the signal has been in the top three of the profit list that brings the highest profit to COPYTRADERS, and continues to take the spotlight.

@缠那半世逍遥 #5 has a total amount of following of $1,340,000. This trader prefers to trade in short positions (intraday), he made a profit of $100,000 with a deposit of $160,000 in April. 

But in August, due to a long Waterloo encounter in the gold futures, he lost all of his profit.

Learned from this experience, he applied the trading rule of setting a stop-loss level on each order at a maximum of 20% and managed to turnaround into a profit of $14,000 within a short period of time.

Compared with the previous week, the trading volume increased by 39.1%. This could be a reflection of the market waking up to embrace the new year after a long break during the Christmas holiday.

Nonetheless, we urge all fellow traders on FOLLOWME to keep an eye on the general election and the promotion of the new vaccines as these are the major market movers. Never lose sight of the risk underlying whenever you trade.

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