Where Did You Gold? - Gold Prices Affected by DC Riots

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Where Did You Gold? - Gold Prices Affected by DC Riots

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Trump supporters stormed the nation’s capital after the Democrat Party’s win in the Georgia election causing chaos and crisis. The supporters were encouraged to march to Capitol Hill where armed protesters are currently occupying both Congress chambers. 

Although he had asked his supporters to “go home”, President Trump still insists that the election was “stolen” from him. 

The country’s first non-peaceful transfer of power in over 200 years has affected the market. 

Even though the Dow Jones did well while gaining almost 500 points, gold went through a volatile roller coaster ride. Trading under pressure overseas, in New York the valuable metal was traded to a low $1902.60. Currently, the most active February 2021 Comex contract is fixed at a low $1920.20.

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