FXCubic partners with multi-asset broker M4 Markets

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FXCubic partners with multi-asset broker M4 Markets

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FXCubic announced earlier today its new partnership with multi-asset broker, M4Markets. FXCubic will provide M4Markets with its liquidity aggregation and price management systems. Specifically, M4Markets will benefit from FXCubic’s low latency software for Bridging, Connectivity and Risk Management automation solutions.

FXCubic is a fast-growing low latency and high-performance connectivity provider, based in London and Cyprus offering bridging solutions, price aggregation and risk management software to institutional and retail brokers worldwide.

The CEO of FXCubic, Ege Kozan, commented, "We are overly excited to be trusted by yet another broker who is serious about their technology. M4Markets & FXCubic have a lot in common, as we both aim to be the best in our industries."

"I am confident that our high-performance liquidity systems, stable pricing and risk management software will help them in their mission to offer a superior trading experience to their clients."

M4Markets is a regulated multi-asset broker offering forex, commodities, and indices for online trading to a global client-base. The broker is built by industry experts with more than 30 years of experience. M4Markets focuses on offering a trading experience to traders through technology, low spreads, and lightning fast execution.

Deepak Jassal, Executive Director at M4Markets remarked, "At M4Markets we are passionate about offering a technologically advanced trading environment for our clients and partnering with FXCubic will allow us to tap into more depth of liquidity, as well as ensure low latency in trade execution. This partnership perfectly aligns with our growth plans, while more importantly, helps our clients achieve their trading goals."

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