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FOLLOWME has over 500,000 trader signals from more than 170 different countries. Once you have MetaTrader4 account to connect with FOLLOWME, then you can subscribe to these trader signals.

Subscribe to Trader Signals

First of all, you can select a favorite trader, click into account details via signal list or personal homepage.

Subscribe to Trader Signals

Click the "Subscribe" button to select a suitable following account.

Subscribe to Trader Signals


Set the copy mode and proportion.

· Fixed proportion: Open a position according to a certain percentage of the standard lot of traders opening a position. Everytime a trader opens an order, the standard lot size for opening an account will be excuted according to the percentage you set multiplied by the trader's standard lot size.

· Fixed lots: Set a fixed standard lot. Every order of the trader will be in your account according to open a position with this setting, no matter which trading symbol is selected.

Subscribe to Trader Signals

Select your account to follow at "Follower's Account"

Subscribe to Trader Signals

Then confirm the subscription information and pay the subscription fee. (Starting from the day that subsctipyion, 30 calendar days are 1 subscription period).

Subscribe to Trader Signals

 After subscribed successfully, you can go to set risk control function, or close the current page.

Subscribe to Trader Signals

Note: In order to ensure timely synchonirization of trading orders, the account that follows the trader needs to be connected with the trading password. When subscribing, you may need to complete your account information.

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