#ShareAndWin# 3 more days only!

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Did you know that you stand a very high chance to be the ultimate winner for the #ShareAndWin# campaign that gives out a total prize of up to 1,000 USD?

Please take notes on these three steps, otherwise, your reward might be forfeited:
1) Select an existing FOLLOWME article from @FOLLOWMEOFFICIAL or write a review article for FOLLOWME.
2) Share that article on your social media or trading forum, screenshot that post
3) Post screenshot on FOLLOWME, and tag #ShareAndWin#

Two criteria to fulfill:
1) #ShareAndWin# campaign, give out reward according to screenshot
2) Posting of screenshot must hashtag #ShareAndWin#
3) Maximum reward for one post on social media or FOLLOWME, 50 FCOIN, regardless of the number of shares, and comments on each post.

#ShareAndWin# 3 more days only!

Check out #ShareAndWin#  or this link for more detail.

Disclaimer: FOLLOWME reserves the right to change this policy at any given time, or which you will be promptly updated.



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shared! hopefully can get chosen拜托
👏wow? thats easy to get prize huh
done !