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Following the launch of FOLLOWSTAR and it’s 90USD bonus campaign, we now have a new message feature that will be grouped by regions.

You may connect and interact with FOLLOWME and other users within the same region, specifically:

  • Vietnamese Traders
  • Indonesian Traders
  • Malaysian Traders
  • Thai Traders

Once you’ve joined the region-specific group, you may communicate freely in the group - from making friends, sharing your trading experiences, or even meet up with enthusiastic traders like yourself.

How to join this IM group?

This IM group is accessible via the FOLLOWME mobile application. Click here to download

On the Message page, choose your region-specific "Group" - to Join - wait for approval.

Steps as below!

Join the IM Group, Chat with traders!

It’s that simple, right? Apply to join now! Don’t worry if your region is unavailable, stay tuned as we will add more region groups and other related groups in the near future. Stay tuned!

Note: Any form of advertising/spam in IM group is prohibited without permission.

Please leave comments on what group you might be interested to join! We appreciate any feedback! Thank you!




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Wonderful! Will be joining the Malaysian Traders group!
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Hey, nice. will do!
please teach me how to get 90$
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@3207751:please refer to @FOLLOWSTAR
please teach me how to get 90$
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@puputayra4:please refer to@FOLLOWSTAR
im so exited bro
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@avapekbi85:join us now!