Rename! Meet FCOIN, Goodbye to FollowCash

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Dear all,

Please read carefully on this notice below since it concerns the assets of each user using our service!

1. “FollowCash” will be renamed to “FCOIN”:

  • The virtual property “FollowCash” in the current version will be renamed to “FCOIN”, which means FollowCash will automatically convert into FCOIN, no action required from user.
  • “FollowCash” that you have obtained will be converted to “FCOIN” automatically at the ratio of 1 to 1.
  • “FollowCash” in the Reward Pool will continue to be distributed in the form of “FCOIN”, and the rules of earning “Energy” (previously known as “active point”) remained unchanged.

2. “FollowCoin” will be renamed to “Points”

  • The exchange ratio of “Points” to “FCOIN” is 1:10.
  • “FCOIN” cannot be exchanged into “Points”.

3. “FCash Center” will be renamed to “FCOIN Center”

  • “FCOIN” can be used for the subscription fee and redeem gifts, and the process remained unchanged.

4. Credit card payment method will be added in Android App, and there will be an extra 5% service fee charged by Android system .

FCOIN will soon launch more functions providing more useful service. Please await further updates! 

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