My weekly stat (6-10 Apr 2020)

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Here is my weekly trading result. 

There are 43 trades and those are from 25 trading ideas opened in this week.

There are 7 wins, 5 draws and 13 loses.

This week is full of up and down swing in most of the pairs I traded and because joining a lot of trade I get a bad mood and a very bad trades. It is EURUSD which give the biggest profits of this week. The bad story is that I bet around 30% of portfolio to that trade because I strongly confidence in the direction which I should not think in that way again. Fortunately, the result turn out positive and I double up my equity by that trade but during the trade it was almost hit my stop loss 2-3 times not just that it made me going crazy more and more during the hold of that position. 

For somebody who read the story until here, please I beg you do not following my path and bet that much per trade. If you cant control yourself after the bet it will turn out in very bad situation to your portfolio.

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