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CopyTrading Profits of last week

I subscribed @LuxesTrading for two weeks, which he led me to make more than 2000USD. hhh

Last week big catch on Xau/Usd

It's been a great achievement on my copytrade last week. Hopefully will make more profit again on this week. =D

GBP/USD Profit Show

#GBP/USD#; Sell 0.69FLots; Open/Close price: 1.27173→1.27033; Open/Close Time: 07/23 15:26→07/23 16:34; Profit $96.6

My weekly stat (6-10 Apr 2020)

Here is my weekly trading result. There are 43 trades and those are from 25 trading ideas opened in this week.There are 7 wins, 5 draws and 13 loses.This week is full of up and down swing in most of the pairs I traded and because joining a lot of trade I get a bad mood and a very bad trades. It

USD/JPY consider fine

This is my latest pair on copytrade... Hit the TP!

GBP/USD - more bullish

GBP/USD - more bullish. Swing traders should probably exit any longs and go flat.


Just testing. I don't know what is it.

It’s time to show your strength

During 2 weeks this market is very volatile and many people lost there money in stock market, oil, gold and forex. You have to understand it is nature of this market, you have to understand when to reduce your exposure(reduce position and keep some cash). You will see that from recent month I less a

UJ profit hiking

121 pips with 0.71 lots. Not bad eih?

How far can $10000 go?

Do you know how far $10000 can profit for 1 month? Let’s see it.... #Profitshow# #FolloWebinar# #Todayanalysis#

Pull-up Update

Who to follow

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