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CopyTrading Profits of last week

I subscribed @LuxesTrading for two weeks, which he led me to make more than 2000USD. hhh

How far can $10000 go?

Do you know how far $10000 can profit for 1 month? Let’s see it.... #Profitshow# #FolloWebinar# #Todayanalysis#

一星期盈利300% 1week 300%profit

帳戶一星期300%盈利,沒人主意到我,免费跟一個月 , Get profit300% but no one follow my free ac, why??? 怎樣才學到三毛,天天爆倉都有人跟單@三毛点金2019 #交易笔记挑战赛第7期# #trading# #记录你的交易# #FOLLOWSTAR#
三毛 帳戶 學到 爆倉 挑战赛 点金
Amazing returns months after months. 100% Algo Trading.

Last week big catch on Xau/Usd

It's been a great achievement on my copytrade last week. Hopefully will make more profit again on this week. =D

This is the way to GOLD

The bulls continue to lose their grip as XAU/USD slips further. At the time of writing, the price has taken a rather sharp dip to $1,712.30. The bearish indication is also supported by the fact that the price is moving below its 10-day and 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), which is represented by

8.19-profits on XAU/USD

Gold climbed upto 2020 level again yesterday. while now at 1988 level. XAU/USD is looking to extend its hold above the $1990 level,gold gainted support form the slump of the US dolloar.


5月24開戶,這是第三個星期的紀錄 Ac opened at 24May,this is my thirds week record因为這是新開的戶,要做夠3個月才能做交易員,大家可以先做我粉絲,觀察我的交易,望能吸粉先,thx #交易笔记挑战赛第6期#
交易 開戶 紀錄 新開 做夠 觀察


Today’s profit from gold


Sorry for misjudyment on GBP/USD and USOIL.p-23.9 pips on GBP/USD -74.2pips onUSOIL.p But it will recovery , never mind.

Pull-up Update

Who to follow

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