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#S9ContestReview# I heard of FollowMe as early as in 2017, and join the valuable community this year, the comprehensive evaluation systems is amazing, which help all traders of different levels to find out the truest images of themselves and work out a way for greater improvement. I've got a great deal of benefits from it, thanks FollowMe! I would like to share my trading philosophy, hoping this would be some constructive hints for those needed. Step 1. Verify long, mid, and short term trends of what you want to trade * Step 2. Determine your trading time frame and follow the respective trend * Step 3. Decide left or right side entries which ever fits your own personality well, always bet with reasonable and confirmed technical signals, avoid hopes, guesses and fantasy. * Step 4. Protective stop-loss order placed at the same time * Step 5. Reasonable target according to your time frame and willing to change according to the changing market conditions * Step 6. Never over-trade, including frequency, positions, and so on *

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