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This year has been scary enough in terms of volatility for trading. In line with Halloween day, we can consider the following opportunities to sell options to make some quick cash from volatility crush in the US market for post US election. Lets take a quick market outlook snapshot: 1) VIX - 56-80 IVRank 2) SPX/SPY - 39-47 IVRank 3) BABA (with upcoming earnings report) - 56-67 IVRank 4) XLE (Energy ETF) - 34-40 IVRank 5) DIA (Dow Jones ETF) - 31-35 IVRank 6) TWTR - 40-93 IVRank 7) GLD/SLV - 29-34 IVRank (better for risk diversification with Gold/Silver) P/S: the higher IVRank, the higher market uncertainty and the more movement you see in the market. Happy planning, happy trading, happy Halloween day to all!

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