Broker News | IG’s Q1 OTC Revenue Drops 8% despite Strong Interest Income

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Broker News | IG’s Q1 OTC Revenue Drops 8% despite Strong Interest Income

01 US PPI Sees Significant Surge in August, Led by Gasoline and Energy

The U.S. PPI for August 2023 rose 0.7%, with 80% due to a 2.0% spike in final demand goods, driven by a 20.0% surge in gasoline prices.

02 Australian Unemployment Holds Steady at 3.7% Despite China’s Economic Woes
Australian employment figures sent a vastly different signal to the July report. A steady unemployment rate could ease fears of a slump in consumption.

03 Japan’s Tertiary Sector Surges: 0.9% Monthly Gain Defies Expectations
Tertiary industry defies expectations, with July 2023 showing a remarkable 2.7% year-on-year growth, indicating a robust recovery.

04 Crude Inventories Increased by 4 Million Barrels, Exceeding Analyst Expectations
Domestic oil production increased from 12.8 million bpd to 12.9 million bpd as producers reacted to higher prices.



01 FBS Leads the Way in Platform Security: Introducing the #TradersKnowBetter Approach

Having placed #TradersKnowBetter as a top priority, FBS employs modern technologies and proactive measures to enhance financial services and secure traders’ funds.

02 Orbex and HonorFX Are Delighted to Announce Their Strategic Partnership Agreement, Marking an Expansion Into the Asian Market
Under the terms of the new agreement, Orbex will provide HonorFX with access to its award-winning trading products and services.

03 IG’s Q1 OTC Revenue Drops 8% despite Strong Interest Income
The broker generated £34.4 million in interest income alone.
Active clients on the platform declined to 267,000.

04 Tera Europe Records £3.8M CFDs Income in 2022, Reducing Retail Exposure
The company is increasing its presence in the capital markets.
It is expecting a license from the Polish regulator.


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