Signal | This signal generated a 46% gain in one month.

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Signal | This signal generated a 46% gain in one month.


Nickname: @MasterCopytrading

Country : Indonesia

Broker:  #Exness Global#

Brief comment:

Today, let’s take a look at @MasterCopytrading #1, a grider EA from the community.

The profit performance of this signal is very impressive. Since joining the community in July, it has provided a benefit of more than 8% every week. Especially in the past month, it has achieved a generous return of 46%. In addition, the positive expected value of this signal is 0.285, which means that if you follow it with $10,000, in two months, this account will bring you $12,850 back. It seems that it is not impossible to reach the peak of life and marry a wealthy fair belle!

Ordinary, EAs maintain an annual risk-to-reward ratio of 1:3, which is already very good. What about MasterCopytrading’s account, it reached 1:8. It can be said that the recovery data is very good. However, given that the trading time is only 14 weeks, the data to be referenced or not are still on the fence.

At present, the maximum position does not exceed 0.1 lots, the maximum drawdown is 14.00%, and the account equity has been maintained at around $2,000 for a long time. It can basically withstand more than 80% of the market volatility, but it is difficult to say the data can be kept successfully while confronting extreme risks like the black swan event like the Swiss franc.

From a strategic perspective, the signal as a grider EA in a grid system should regard risk control as the most important.

@MasterCopytrading’s thinking in this regard is:

a, Choose symbols with high frequency volatile, such as XAU/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, etc.

b, Because he mainly waits for the K-line to turn, he trades with light positions and set stop-profit but no stop-loss. It can be seen from the fact that the holding time of a losing order is 4 times that of a profitable order.

c, When the counter-trend orders reach a certain limit, some of the counter-trend orders with serious losses will be closed, thereby reducing the risk. This is how the losses on August 30 this year were handled.

Generally speaking, this signal is highly consistent with what we call the characteristics of a profitable system, with a high risk-to-reward ratio and a winning rate of over 80%. But in terms of risk control, the loss aversion coefficient is 2.625, which is still a little short of the passing line!

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