Signal | The Profitability of this signal are almost full marks!

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Signal | The Profitability of this signal are almost full marks!


Nickname: @RadenFX

Country: Indonesia

Broker:  #InstaForex Global#

Brief comment: Low-key is not a trader's capital, but the profit is, especially the profit of 240%. He only took 18 weeks, and the drawdown is 10.06%.

In terms of scoring, the total score is 6.5 points, and both [Profitability] and [Risk Control Ability] are almost full marks!

The profit/loss ratio is inconspicuous, 1/3 short of 1/3 to reach a good profit/loss ratio, but the winning rate is 83.57%. Calculate the number of transactions and the transaction time, the average daily transaction is 2 transactions, not relying on the order volume but on the position. Sure enough, the average holding time of loss orders is longer, which is a common feature of a high winning rate.

 See what breed preference tells us differently. Involving 9 instruments, the most significant profit comes from XAU/USD, accounting for 99% of the profit, all the way open, other instruments are far behind.

Regarding position profit and loss, the holding time of the largest profit order is 3 hours, and the holding time of the maximum loss order is 12 days. Such an extreme ratio shows that the transaction is easy to swing, but from the introduction of the trader, "Trading style: Scalping and intraday trading. It will take some time to fix the strategy!" Looking at it, it is understandable!

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