Broker News | MetaQuotes' MT5 Beta Gets AI Coding Assistant

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Broker News | MetaQuotes' MT5 Beta Gets AI Coding Assistant

01 MetaQuotes' MT5 Beta Gets AI Coding Assistant

The final version of updated MT5 to be released after beta testing.
The firm recently launched a messaging app for financial news and analytics.

02 Gaitame Parent to Launch a 3-Year-Long Share Buyback Program
Compagnie Financière Tradition will buyback 300,000 of its shares.
It will also distribute a dividend of CHF 5.50.

03 Exploring CFD Trading Platforms and Tools for Beginners and Experienced Traders
A deep dive into CFD trading

04 UK Banks to Pay £47M in Redress to Struggling Borrowers
The UK regulator found over 195,000 stressed customers.
It now wants to make pandemic-era rule permanent.



01 Exclusive: Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Taps TipRanks’ Tools

The exchange integrated Smart Portfolio for its new analysis tool.
Nasdaq was the first to integrate TipRanks’ Smart Portfolio.

02 Futu’s Profit Jumps 13% as Revenue and Trading Volume Grows in Q1
Futu has secured provisional license approval in Malaysia.
The platform delisted its app from app stores in Mainland China last week.

03 XTB Seeks Scraping Share Buyback Plan, Up Dividend Distribution
The company wants to distribute PLN 4.86 per share as dividends.
The proposed dividend date is 10 July.

04 Leveraged Trading with CFDs: Pros and Cons
A deep dive into CFDs.


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