U go PK, I pay the bill!

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U go PK, I pay the bill!

Competition Progress: There are a total of 12 rounds in the 1V1 PK Competition. A round of PK lasts for a week. The current remaining round is 5.



Round 8


Round 9


Round 10


Round 11


Round 12



Rules: Both sides of PK determine the winner in a round with the score of "Equity+Profit ratio". Different type of winning account wins different points. See the table below for details↓

When all rounds are over, the accumulated points obtained by the user can be used to carve up the prize pool. [Prize pool up over $7,000!!!]Prize Pool>>

U go PK, I pay the bill! 

Conditions: Newly create any S12 sponsoring broker MT4 account with equity greater than or equal to $100, that is, automatically participate in the competition.

Information such as the distribution of opponents and winning points will be notified by community push.






U go PK, I pay the bill!
Bonus Time

From May 18, if the newly created sponsoring broker account wins at least 1 round in the remaining 5 PK, it will have the opportunity to get bonus up to $100!



Make an Appointment

Send a private message to  @FOLLOWME Support to provide newly created MT4 accounts of sponsoring brokers during the event to complete the appointment.

Win a Round of PK

Use the MT4 account provided at the time of appointment to deposit and trade by yourself, then win a PK game.

Receive the Bonus

After receiving the winning result of the PK competition, send a private message to @FOLLOWME Support to verify and receive the bonus of $100.


Description 1

There is a limit of 40 bonuses, and each user only has one chance, which will eventually be obtained by users who have reserved a quota and have won a PK at first.

Description 2

After the PK result appears, if the number of users who receive the bonus is greater than the remaining bonus share, it will be obtained by the user with a higher PK score.

Description 3

Users who have participated in the PK competition before this event can only choose a sponsor account other than the participating account to reserve a place to participate in the event.


40 slots left currently (Updated weekly)



Entrance to Newly Create a Diamond Sponsor Account
U go PK, I pay the bill!
U go PK, I pay the bill!



 Entrance to Newly Create a Platinum Sponsor Account
U go PK, I pay the bill!
U go PK, I pay the bill!



Entrance to Newly Create a Gold Sponsor Account
U go PK, I pay the bill!
U go PK, I pay the bill!
U go PK, I pay the bill!



U go PK, I pay the bill!

Entrance for 1V1 PK Competition>>



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