Gold Silver Copper Crude US30 BTC And FX Pairs Weekly Analysis For 26-30th Sep 2022 | Using EW ART

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Disclaimer :


First have an look for the positional trend i shared here previous....if you are a follower of me...and sometimes i will share the counter trend trade also in 15 mins and 1hr...but that is risky if the trend is bearish or bullish, if i am expecting the the profit there and wait the correction to end and again go with the trend....DONT TRADE THE COUNTER TRADE will took loss too...try to identify the short term pull back and the long term pull back after that took small lots in the short term PB with strict stop and go with big lots in the trend side that is long term. I WONT TOOK ALL THE TRADE PLAN SHARED HERE...

Read the market commentary inside the chart what i shared here carefully and try to learn Elliott waves...otherwise its tough to understand the market commentary and my analysis. I wont give a entry, stop loss and take profit in my is only for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE and I am sharing how i am analysing the pair and labelling them according to the Elliott wave theory...I AM JUST SHOWING THE TREND HOW IT MAY GO AND MY VIEW(it may wrong too) DON'T FOLLOW BLINDLY MY CHART. Take this as a reference and if you correlates or merge to your strategy, took the trade as per your strategy...DON'T ASK ABOUT YOUR RUNNING TRADES i wont comment on them and I WONT SUGGEST TO TAKE MY TRADE SETUP.

I am a technical analyst based on trendline, channel, fib retracements, expansion, stochastic for divergence, EMA's and MA's are finding the pull backs and MAJOR IS ELLIOTT WAVES...those mentioned above are using as a TOOLS only. I am not a fundamental, sentimental trader...but only the fundamental will boost my technical analysis to reach my target or sometimes it will go against me and then i will manage the trade according to the Elliott waves alternate views...Each and every trade plan i am sharing here has a alternate view and i am sharing only the most probabilities(70-80%) here...sometimes the other (20-30%) may market do. Then I will change the wave counts and labelling according to the price action.

 All labelling and wave counts done by me by manually and i will keep change according to the LIVE MARKET PRICE ACTION. So don't bias, hope on my trade plans...try to learn and make your own strategy...Following is not that much easy...I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSSES IF U TOOK THE TRADE ACCORDING TO MY TRADE PLANS....THANKS LOT..CHEERS

Gold Silver Copper Crude US30 BTC And FX Pairs Weekly Analysis For 26-30th Sep 2022 | Using EW ART

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