Four Winners will be Rewarded Soon! Who are they?

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Four Winners will be Rewarded Soon! Who are they?

After three months of fierce battle, S10 FOLLOWME Contest was hosted by the FOLLOWME Trading Community and ended successfully on July 1, 2022.


S10 FOLLOWME Contest is a global trading competition held biannually where traders showcase their capabilities and skills. It has been held for nine seasons, with 931 accounts, total equity of $ 7,852,219, and total prize money of $5,000 in the Global Division.


The S10 is divided into the Elite Group, Random Group and KVB PRIME Group. KVB PRIME sponsors the S10 FOLLOWME Contest with $4500. Their participants are deeply incentivized. Then, let’s view who can win the huge prize!


♠Random Group

1st Place: Emily 33 won 1,800 FCOIN

2nd Place: Clara C won 800 FCOIN


1st Place: Muzuk won $400 from FOLLOWME & $3,000 from KVB PRIME

2nd Place: Sophia lee won $300 from FOLLOWME & $1,000 from KVB PRIME


Congratulations! Hoping they can make better performance in the next season~


*Some of the other winners didn’t pass the authentication verification (lack of some of the proof or cannot contact them). After July 22, 2022, if they still didn’t pass the verification, they will be deemed as giving up the benefits and rewards of the S10 FOLLOWME Contest.

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