Public Notification Period | Who is the Champion in S10 Contest?

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Public Notification Period | Who is the Champion in S10 Contest?

FOLLOWME Contest is a trading event for global traders and it is held two seasons a year. FOLLOWME hopes to hold a stage for traders to share their trading capacity and find out some outstanding traders.

In the Contest, traders can use their own different trading techniques and strategies. FOLLOWME will calculate the score with a multi-dimension system and each trader’s achievement and performance can be seen.

The number of participating accounts increased from 270 in the S1 to 10,511 in the S10. And, the total funding of participants in the 9 seasons increased from $521,647 to $75,105,254.


S10 began on 1 April 2022 and after 3 competitive exciting months, we would like to inform you that the time for the contest has eventually wrapped up.


We are pleased to announce Winners in 3 groups. Let’s have a big round of applause for these champions who have excellently won out of over 300 participants in the Global division.


Elite Group

1st Place ($1,600): @Razor EA with score of 88.13

2nd Place ($800): @JWs Forex with score of 80.29

3rd Place ($400): @圣道者 with score of 80.05


Random Group

1st Place (1,800 FCOIN): @Emily 33 with score of 92.80

2nd Place (800 FCOIN): @Clara C with score of 88.57

3rd Place (400 FCOIN): @274854033 with score of 87.75



1st Place ($400+$3,000): @Muzuk with score of 92.50

2nd Place ($300+$1,000): @Sophia lee with score of 88.67

3rd Place ($200+$500): @交易是一场修行的过程 with score of 78.96


Thanks to everyone who took part in and helped make the Contest a great success. We really appreciate it. 

Don’t worry if you are not on the list. Keep an eye on our page for the next contest coming soon. We would like to see you coming back stronger and stronger. 

In the meantime, head on over to join our other interesting events with huge rewards going on such as #OPINIONLEADER##GuessNFP#. Looking forward to your participation!

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