Reward | #Participation Reason# Program

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Why are you participating in the S10 Contest?

To compete with other excellent traders?

Or just to prove yourself?

Or it’s hard to refuse $1600?


Anyway, share your #ParticipationReason# here to get FCOIN & 2021-FOLLOWME Trading Community Industry Report!


📢 Reward:


Each of the works can get 20 FCOIN and (E-COPY)2021-FOLLOWME Trading Community Industry Report.



We will select 5 excellent works. Each of the works can get 150 FCOIN and (E-COPY)2021-FOLLOWME Trading Community Industry Report.



FCOIN: A kind of currency in the FOLLOWME Trading Community which can be withdrawn as USD.

(E-COPY)2021-FOLLOWME Trading Community Industry Report: The report shows you the Forex industry ecology in 2021 from three dimensions (investors, traders, and regulators). It is mainly divided into three parts: Trading Data Analysis, Opinion Leader, and Broker. An authoritative report for the Forex industry.

Reward | #Participation Reason# Program


📢 Rules:


April 1, 2022 10:00:00 - April 30, 2022 23:59:59



It should display your REASON to participate in the S10 Contest



1. Please confirm that you had added #ParticipationReason# in your content and posted it successfully.

2. You can post content with graphics or video. The number of words for the article should be≥200. The video should be longer than 1 minute (equals 60 seconds).


📢 Approach:

①Make a comment below this article.


②Post an article.

For APP users:

Click the "+" sign in the upper right corner of the homepage, and then click "Post" to contribute.

For PC users:

Click "Note" on the homepage.


*Only the works with #ParticipationReason# will be considered as participating in the event. If the content of the comment and the post is the same, the post will be deemed valid.



1. The deadline for statistical data of this event is 23:59:59 on April 30, 2022. (Don’t forget to “Add to Favourite” for this article and follow the @FOLLOWME Contest!)

2. Please do not post irrelevant content about this event. The meaningless irrigation or advertisement will be deleted by the editor, and the deleted commenter will be deemed invalid.

3. If a user had violated the rules, FOLLOWME has the right to disqualify him/her.

4. The prizes will be distributed by @FOLLOWME Support. Please check your award notification in time. Failure to receive the prizes due to personal reasons will be regarded as voluntary abandonment.

5. FOLLOWME will monitor the cheating behaviour. If cheating behaviour such as click farming is found, the article editor will be disqualified. Welcome to supervise and report~

6. Please read this article carefully and add hashtags reasonably. The content with the unrelated hashtags will be deemed invalid. FOLLOWME will comprehensively consider the content quality, multiple submissions and other factors to control and adjust the number of winners. Submitting the post means that you are willing to accept our selection. FOLLOWME reserves the right of final interpretation for the content and terms hereinabove.

Proofreading: Jelly

Reward | #Participation Reason# Program

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If you like, reward to support.


The reason why I join the contest is the prize~
I want the prize, too!!
@东尼大牧师 lol me also
I was forced to join in the contest by fm lol
So we are the same at the Random Group lol
actually, I am a KVB acc user and I need the extra prize
idk but the prize is charming
just wanna try...
I think if I can get a higher score, I will be more confident in trading.🌝
come on, cutie