Monero (XMR) Being Listed on Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Crypton

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Crypton Exchange has announced the listing of Monero private cryptocurrency on its trading platform that is available to all with no KYC requirements. The new XMR/USDT trading pair has been added to the platform. Monero will be the first third-party coin added on the exchange backed by the Utopia P2P ecosystem.

About Crypton Exchange

Crypton is a part of Utopia's peer-to-peer network functioning on an anonymous blockchain ecosystem built purely on p2p architecture with no centralized data storage. The network has been designed for the privacy of its users. Utopia provides secure messaging, browsing and exchange between users and also allows secure file sharing with built-in tools.

The Monero community is now able to buy, sell and safely exchange the cryptocurrency with no limits or restrictions. As noted by the exchange’s press release, Crypton conducts every transaction with no traces and allows trading with a minimum of details provided by each user.

No centralized links

The exchange does not have any connection to any centralized projects or exchanges. The platform is also fully functional in any country, with no restrictions whatsoever. All transactions are being processed through the platform with the help of unique blockchain technology with no tracking abilities.

Additionally, Monero trading is available with no KYC procedure, no centralized limitations, worldwide availability, low fees and more. The exchange supports private technologies and pays its respects to the Monero community by allowing the full usage of Monero on the platform with no restrictions. All trading operations tied to Monero will be completely uninterrupted.

To start trading Monero on Crypton Exchange, users will have to go through anonymous registration and enter the decentralized trading platform. Currently, the exchange is providing users with additional safe trading solutions like CRP privacy coins, which act as the financial unit of the ecosystem, and the UUSD anonymous stablecoin.

The listing of Monero (XMR) on the Crypton Exchange is the first step toward a new era of development for Crypton Exchange. New additional coins are yet to be listed on the decentralized platform, which will create more opportunities for users of the Utopia P2P ecosystem.

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