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It's easy to be able to make a few big winning trades but to have long-term success in the markets, you need to have a robust system and strict discipline. In our live session, we will go through the economic news events and chart analysis in order to put together a high-quality trading plan before entering into any positions. It's very important to understand the process from a higher and lower time frame perspective and keep track of the upcoming economic events in order to avoid trading against the bigger market participants. All of this will be covered and other helpful resources that let you profit from the market movements and avoid getting into the cycle of doom experienced by many retail traders. 

With great trading experiences in hand and also joining our community for a while, @FxScotty, the Account Manager for ForexBriefcase and Full Time Forex trader at LCMS Traders, will share with you all of the above things. Come and watch with us!

FOLLOWMELive | Becoming a Consistently Profitable Trader - FxScotty

Topic of the live: Becoming a Consistently Profitable Trader

Time of the live: 22 Dec 20.00 - 21.00 (Wednesday)

Main Content of the live: In order to put together a high-quality trading plan before entering into any positions, we will go through:

  • The Economic News Events;
  • Chart Analysis


Can’t wait to see you all at the Livestream this Wednesday. Feel free to ask any questions related to the topic you have to the speaker.

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