Nifty Premarket Prediction For 09-09-2021 Using Elliott Wave Theory (ENGLISH)

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This channel was started for an educational purpose only not for FINANCIAL INVESTMENT, and I am teaching how to analyse the forex stocks and commodities market and how I am trading them according to my personal view with ELLIOTT WAVE theory(view may change for each Elliottician trader not the same view as mine). You can learn Elliott waves and even I can also learn more from the experienced trader through comments in my post about Elliott waves...I keep learning the market everyday. I wont trade according to fundamental, sentiment. I will trade, trading and traded with 100% technical only what I learnt from the books, video clips and some personal experiences. So this channel is fully based on Elliott waves and technical only. My ambition is to create a awareness to the traders who losing still, and lost the money because they treating this business like a gambling. I AM NOT ASKING ANY INVESTMENTS .So, be cautious and be aware of the fraudsters... I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSSES IF U TOOK THE TRADE ACCORDING TO MY TRADE PLANS explained here.

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