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FOLLOWME Trading Community Industry Report in the first half of 2021 is our gratitude gift to you for having been, and always supporting FOLLOWME during the past time. Thank you to everyone who actively participates in the programs and spends a lot of time and effort contributing knowledge inside and outside our community.

The program to give away free Report E-books - #GiveAwayEbook# - and post comments about the Report has come to an end with 50 E-books sent and many very honest comments.

The following is a list of the 10 best E-book commenters who will receive 50 FCOIN.

Congratulations to the winners! @PRO TRADER VNM @Vân08 @Bách-Z @ÁnhNg @NhânFX @AFZALKHAN @popefund @Noswus @Elizabeth_123 @Martin1997

Please check it in FCOIN Balance!


After this first half report of 2021, what data and information do you expect to appear in the second half-year report? Please leave a comment or message to FOLLOWME Support, FOLLOWME always listens and appreciates your opinion! Hope everyone will always accompany FOLLOWME in the near future!


FOLLOWME would like to sincerely thank and wish everyone a favorable new September!

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Thank you
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A big thank you to the Followme team
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Thank you Followme team :))
Thanks for such a surprising gift!